Howie Michael Smith
Avenue Q`    Princeton/RodJason Moore

Avenue Q     Princeton/RodJason Moore

My Life Is A Musical       Parker                             Baystreet Theatre/Marlo Hunter
Avenue Q                       Princeton/Rod                 Ogunquit Playhouse/Keith Andrews
A Christmas Carol          Dick Wilkins                    Ford’s Theatre/Timothy Gregory
1776                               Courier                            Marriott Theatre/Dominic Missimi                       Carousel                        Enoch Snow, Jr.              Marriott Theatre/Gary Griffin
As You Like It                 Silvius u/s                       Chicago Shakespeare/David H. Bell
The Tempest                   Trinculo                          Dallas Shakespeare/David H. Bell
Singin’ in the Rain        Diction Coach/Prod. Ten  Chicago Center for P.A./Marc Robin
Beethoven Lives UpstairsChristoph                     National Tour/Paul Pement
Beauty and the Beast    Maxwell                           Drury Lane Evergreen/Marc Robin
Tribute to Sondheim     Soloist                               Pittsburgh Pops/Lucas Richmond
Brigadoon                     Charlie                             Cumberland Equity Theatre/Don Whisted
Oliver                            Artful Dodger                   Cumberland Equity Theatre/Don Whisted
Joseph…Dreamcoat     Butler/Dan                       W. VA. Public Theatre

America's Got Talent  Semi Finalist  Season 10
Puppet Planet (pilot)  Darrin      Travel Channel

Into the Woods    Cinderella’s Prince     Carnegie Mellon University
The Boyfriend      Tony        Carnegie Mellon University
The Baker’s WifePierre     Carnegie Mellon University 

BFA - Carnegie Mellon University - Music and Drama Departments

IMPROV - Upright Citizens Brigade

Voice: Liz Caplan